Still Can’t Hear?

Good morning, Let me ask you to remember in prayer three of our families, the Stafford's, the Sellick's and the Nunn's. Wayne Stafford's mom passed away over the weekend after a long battle with a physical illness. Wayne and Debbie have traveled back and forth to West...
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Cynics, Ben Franklin & Jesus

The fact is that we have cynics everywhere around us - at work, home and even in church. They are the ones who sit on the back row of life, whisper and roll their eyes. They are the people who aren't really headed anywhere and they're eager to criticize those who are....
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Wasted vote?

Well, this morning there are some who are sad, some who are mad and some who are glad with the results of the election yesterday. I can remember hearing my parents and others say through the years when their candidate lost the election, that they "wasted" their vote....
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Right in front of our eyes

I just pulled into the church parking lot a few minutes ago, which is also a voting precinct and watched as 90+ year old Carl & Jessie Palm were walking to their car after voting. Here's the point - if they can get out and vote, you have no excuse. If you need help on...
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Hard Questions, Hard Answers

I imagine just like me, you were in shock as you watched the news of the shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX. My son asked me the "why" question and that's a tough one to answer. As I listened to an old college friend - Jim Richards,...
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Opposites Attract / Attack

I've said it, heard it and read it both ways - Opposites Attract/ Opposites Attack. When you were young and dating, one of the questions you would be asked by parents and others might have been "Is he/she like you or different from you?" In pre-martial counseling one...
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Church 56 Update Nov 14

Hey Moms and Dads, I hope that you are having a great Monday and an awesome start to your week. I can't believe that we are just a few days away from Thanksgiving and the holidays are on us. Here are some things that are coming up in 56. This is going to be a busy...
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Student Ministry Update Nov 14

Dear Parents, I will be on vacation next week so this email will cover the Student Ministry events to Sunday, Nov. 26th. Girls Sleepover Report We had 47 present this year with 8 first-time guests. Tiana and the lady leaders did a wonderful job working with the girls...
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Our Mission

Our mission at Hyland Heights Baptist is to make disciples of all men.


Connecting people to God and to one another.


Helping both the individual and the church to grow in becoming more like Christ.


Using our spiritual gifts to serve the church and by witnessing to those around us and around the world.