I once took a motorcycle class to learn how to ride a motorcycle. When I went to get my license, one of the principles they kept emphasizing was how to steer the motorcycle. My thoughts were pretty much like anyone’s thoughts – just turn the handle bars and away you go. However they taught me something different. They kept telling us that you would go in the direction your eyes are looking. When you come to a turn on the highway, do not look at the immediate road in front of you – look down road to where you want to go. I was skeptical at first but after a few loops around Hwy. 460/Hwy 29 interchange practicing that concept, I found it to be amazingly true. When I looked around the curve it caused me to lean more and I then turned the motorcycle in the right direction. Not one time did I “turn” the handle bars.

You know, the Bible tells us the same thing about living life. As I mentioned back on the ice/snow Sunday, the writer of Hebrews (12:1-2) said we are to fix our eyes on Jesus. You see just like Peter found, when you take your eyes off of Jesus and you start to look around at life, at circumstances, at others, at numbers and so many other things, then you begin to sink. Placing Him in front of us, pressing on to know Him better and allowing Him to guide us will result in us getting to where He wants us to be in life. So today I challenge you to keep Him in front of you. When there’s a decision to make, when you are reacting to a situation, or when you’re thinking about others, keep Him right in front of and you’ll be amazed at how you will respond from the wealth of His truth you’ve put into your heart and mind.

I hope you have an amazing Monday and your week gets off to a Godly start.

Remember to look around and see those who are unchurched and ask God to open doors so you can build a relationship with them.

Pastor Carl