Okay – when all else fails talk about the weather! I’m sure you’ve heard that advice or given it when it comes to conversations with other people. I know I’ve been in conversations that have gone “silent” and used the phrase, “strange weather we’re having these days” to break the ice. The fact is, our weather seems to be changing constantly. Not too long ago we were complaining at how warm it was and then we complained at how cold it was (especially when we got our electric bills). Of course the weather has been driving me crazy when it comes to sustaining momentum for our church or trying to set vision and direction for the New Year.

I read that in 1974 a Soviet military plan described three things. One, creating holes in the ozone layer which would then let in deadly radiation; two, setting off a nuclear explosion under the polar ice caps to trigger a meltdown that could put whole areas underwater and three, they wanted to create acoustic fields on the sea surface to combat naval vessels. According to the official Soviet papers, these were not idle proposals but real scientific likelihoods.

The Bible predicts that weather patterns will become increasingly erratic as we approach the last days. How important it is then, to trust in an unchanging God in these uncertain times. In Matthew 6:31-34 Jesus assured us that we can trust Him when He said: “Do not worry saying, ‘What shall we eat? or ‘What shall we drink? or ‘What shall wear? . . . But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow”.
Let me challenge you in an uncertain world to remember He is certain, He is settled and He is never changing. Rest in Him and seek Him first.

I’ve been so blessed in the last two days as a number of our folks have responded to my mention of our financial situation. One of our families, who spend the winter in Florida, emailed me to say they are going to be sure and give online. Another couple came by and said we might not be here Sunday but we wanted to make sure our tithe got here. Another said they simply forgot since they couldn’t make it to church but they’d be giving on Sunday. Thank you church for being faithful to His Kingdom.

Be sure and remember in prayer Paul and Mary Davis as their daughter, Shelley, was diagnosed with a brain tumor this week down in Texas. The doctors will be going in on Friday to do a biopsy and determine what the type of cancer this may be. Also remember Ravin, Shawna Ireson’s daughter, as she had surgery this morning. Pray for quick healing, especially since she’ll be getting married in April.

I’ll see you Sunday as we talk about being “Ambushed” in life.

Pastor Carl