Well, yesterday at our staff meeting I re-learned a lesson. You see one of our members had an idea, shared it at a ministry team meeting and I took it and refined it. I spent time putting it on paper and thought “This is a great idea”. Then I took my plan to our Monday morning staff meeting and it happened. You see I’m a big picture person, I don’t see or pay much attention to the details. As “your” staff took my plan apart, and asked question after question, I will be honest enough to say my feelings were getting hurt. I was like, “Does nobody see the good”? Well long story short, my plan needed to be picked apart, figured out in detail and changed for it to be better than my original plan.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” So many times we make plans for our lives, how our life will go, where we will be at a certain time in our life, our profession, and our family, and then our plans get changed. It can be hurtful, it can be tough to see your dreams changed by others or even by things out of your control. However we need to remember that while we make plans we need to be surrendered enough to allow God to determine our steps. We need to be open and flexible enough to say,

Lord here’s my plan but I’m seeking You to direct my steps because my life is really not mine but Yours.

Let me challenge you today – don’t get hurt when your plans are changed. Allow God to work and to make changes to your plans so that your life is fulfilling and pleasing to Him. You’ll never regret walking in His footsteps. Remember as well, as we love Him all things will work together for our good. Today take a step back and allow God to refine your plan and direct your steps – you’ll never regret it.

Remember in prayer Adelaide Ray, Martha Magee’s mom, as she had a heart attack yesterday. She is stable and in the hospital. Also remember Patricia Dykty as she remains in the hospital with heart issues. For some of you the name Jan Rogers may not ring a bell but Doug and Jan were members of Hyland Heights years ago and remain friends to many of us today. Jan’s dad passed away and the funeral is today. He passed away the same day of the week and month as their oldest son, Jeremy, so lift the family up as they deal with so many emotions.

Don’t forget yesterday’s message – finish strong this year. Here at church we have two great opportunities for you to invite an un-churched friend, neighbor or relative with our Children’s musical this Sunday night and then The Gift on the Sunday night the 17th. You probably have said all year that you wanted to invite them to church, so here’s your opportunity.

Pastor Carl