I hope you enjoyed your long weekend with family and most of all, I hope that you had the opportunity to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. It’s amazing the price that’s been paid by service men and women and by our Savior that we might have life. It’s always good to allow the past to inspire and motivate us to live transformed lives in the present.

I was reading an article entitled “3 Things Millennials Aren’t Finding in Church”. Statistics have shown us that this generation is staying away from church in record numbers. As studies have been done, we keep getting results of those studies trying to help us know how to reach this new generation with the Gospel. One of the things the author said was that “Young people have a “bologna barometer” that is on at all times. They can smell hypocrisy like my dog can smell the bacon from the other side of the house”. The writer went on to say something we all need to grasp, “We don’t need perfect churches. We need honest churches. We need churches that, in the words of Dr. Chuck Swindoll, are who they are, “warts and all.” But they are failing forward together in the Name and power of Jesus. If we want to reach this next generation, we must give them 3 things, a cause to live for, a community to live with and an authenticity that’s lived out. Then, instead of leaving the church in droves, they will be flooding it”.

What’s interesting about this study is that it tells us nothing new. As you look at the life of Christ you find Him chastising the Pharisees and calls them hypocrites (Matthew 23:24-29). Jesus called believers to be genuine then and He does so now. There was never any room for non-authentic believers in the early church nor is there room in the church for them today.

Let’s be who we are, “warts and all” as Swindoll says, and show forth a walk with Christ that is real inside and out.


Pastor Carl