Here is a true to life feel good story. A story of hope and how God blesses.

A young woman with three young children started writing to me on FB. She had no furniture and no beds. NONE. I asked her to make a list and she did. Longest list I have ever had to deal with. As God would have it, our storage containers were literally filled. So, out she came. She Brought her cousin and her girlfriend. I called it “girl power”. So they picked out everything and began loading the trailer.

She needed three twin mattress sets and a Queen sized bed. As God would have it, the day before a church couple donated 2 twin sets. While they were loading, my friend pulled up with another load of furniture and guess what else? A twin set.

I started a new part of the ministry about 6 months ago. Giving dolls to little girls. One problem . . . I am out of dolls and she has a 3 year old. As I unpacked some bags of clothing this couple gave me – guess what I found? Yup – a pretty doll.

So -now the last challenge. What to do about a tree. I called Ann who runs the Clothing Closet to see if she had any trees. As God would have it, . . . she did. She also had some ornaments.

On a side note, her cousin got her home furnished last year by our ministry after a house fire. She came to help and pay back.

As she left with a huge load, a new Bible, Gospel tract and info on our Food Pantry and Clothes Closet. I felt a real sense that God had enabled us to give this young family hope and the beginning of a brighter future.

Off they went waving goodbye and leaving me with tears of joy!

This Christmas will be a lot brighter as the result of many of you who have donated furniture, mattresses and even money in our church and in our communities. Thank you for giving. Thank you for praying. And don’t forget – send me dolls. A little girl is waiting.

Have a blessed Christmas. Please share this with others.

Bill James