What floats your boat?

What gets your motor running at full speed? What, in “70’s lingo”, turns you on? We all have something in our lives that seems to make us come alive. While I mentioned Pastor Tim’s love of golf Sunday, let me tell you one event that gets me going. Because of the generosity of a dear friend of mine for some 45 years, I get to go to Canada fishing. This year, if Debby’s okay, I’ll get to go back and I can tell you I’m already looking at fishing lure’s, planning menu’s, and getting pumped up about living without electricity or internet. You see I believe part of Jesus’ promise of abundant life includes having things like golf, fishing, sports, cooking, and yard work to enjoy. These all and add flavor to life and are things that God allows us to experience that seem to revive us and make our heart beat faster.

While all the things I just mentioned are gifts of God and ways that God will use to give us abundance in life, there is one thing that God will use to “float our boat or get our motor running” when it comes to our spiritual life as well. The Psalmist said it like this, “I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have revived me and given me life” Psalm 119:93. You see God’s Word has the power to bring us back to life, to lift us out of the doldrums of life and revive our spirit and heart. While a fishing trip or a golf outing is a temporary lift, God’s Word will not only lift us up for the moment but for a lifetime. I challenge you today to allow God to revive your life through His Word. If you’ve not taken time to read His Word today, do so before you shut your eyes and go to sleep tonight.

Find the source of true motivation and energy in His Word today.

Remember to pray for Kim Marks as her dad passed away last week. The family is coming to town this week and there will be a memorial service soon. I know she, and her family, appreciate your prayer support.

Enjoy God’s gift of life,

Pastor Carl