Today is – tax day!! Today millions of us will be filing our income tax and more than likely sending Uncle Sam (that’s the U.S. Government for those of you under 40) our tax returns and payment. Today reminds me of that little ditty we used to sing, “I owe, I owe so off to work I go”. Make no mistake about it the I.R.S. – they will get their share of our hard earned income. Of course you might be like me, just make it a flat tax, 10% across the board for everyone, with no exceptions and it makes life easier for all of us.

When the religious leaders were trying to trap Jesus one came with a question, “Is it lawful to pay taxes unto Caesar?” You see their intention was not so much to receive an answer but to find something to use against our Lord. Jesus’ reply, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”. Pretty simple, we have to pay our taxes.

The real issue is not if we will pay our taxes, because the I.R.S. has their way to get their money out of our pocket one way or the other. The real issue is the second half of Jesus’ statement, give to God what is God’s. Most of us want more deductions when it comes to our walk with the Father. We want the easy path, we want to give less of ourselves to Him, we want a Christianity that demands little and expects much.

I challenge you to remember that God is not like the I.R.S. who will get theirs no matter what. The fact is, we only short-change our own lives when we fail to surrender all we are and all we have to Him. We miss out on the blessings that he desires to give when we withhold our hearts from Him.

While we want the government to build roads, provide police protection and meet numerous needs in our lives because we pay taxes, we mistakenly think that God will give us all we need even when we deny Him our whole hearts.

Today, remember God asks for you to climb up on the altar of sacrifice and say “Yes Lord” to Him. Paul told us in Romans 112:1-2 to give it all to Him. Today, give unto God what is His – you.
So far we haven’t found any of our church family who are in need because of the tornado that hit our area Sunday night. I have been in touch with Brian Custer, as he remains hospitalized in Pennsylvania, about any clean-up around his home but so far he said it’s only a few limbs down. While I haven’t found any official avenues to serve tornado victims, keep your eyes and ears open to needs that those around you might have and jump in and serve.

We rejoice that Steve Witt is home and recovering. His heart and lungs are bruised and it will take time to recover, but he’s on the right path.

Stay warm on this blustery April day,

Pastor Carl