I wanted to let you know about an important event here at the church. The United Way is starting their annual campaign and our very own Rick Youngblood is leading the way here in Campbell County. Below is Rick’s email to all of us.
One other very important item I wanted to share with you. It looks like we’re going to be hit hard by hurricane Florence. If you would like to be on our list to help folks with hurricane damage please reply by e-mail to cweiser@hhbc.net and I’ll start compiling a list. If we have needs that come to us after the hurricane I’ll email the persons on this list and make them aware of the need so they can coordinate a response. Again, I’m compiling a list of persons who can help victims of hurricane damage should the hurricane hit here.


It’s that time of year again! Our 2018 Annual Campaign Kickoff is coming up this week.

In 2017, we impacted 60,500 lives in Central Virginia because of our generous community. This year, the campaign is centered around the entire community coming together to collaborate and make a difference in the community, united.

Bill Varner, our President & CEO commented on the meaning behind this year’s campaign. “This year’s campaign will focus on the collective power of the community to achieve positive change. The challenges we are working to eliminate are often deeply rooted and longstanding. The United Way of Central Virginia places emphasis on collaboration and cooperation as the keys to affecting meaningful change, encouraging our partner agencies to seek innovative ways to support one another while working towards the common aim of an improved quality of life for everyone in Central Virginia. Only through a unified effort will we have the strength, resources and capacity to accomplish this.”

This year, the Campbell County event is taking place here at Hyland Heights!!! United Way wants to show their support in all of the counties that they serve! We will be hosting 5 individual kickoffs in each of our servicing counties
Campbell County

Tuesday, September 11 @ 11 AM – 1 PM

Hyland Heights Baptist Church // 11452 Wards Rd.

Rustburg, VA

Food Truck options available

All are welcome to attend and Food Truck options are available including Brother Jake’s!!!

Pastor Carl