“Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his holy mountain, for the Lord our God is holy.”
Psalm 99:9

The word “exalt” doesn’t happen all that often in our modern vocabulary but the simplest definition is that it means to raise, to lift, to set at a higher level in terms of rank, power or authority. To exalt God means that we consciously acknowledge that He is higher than we are, higher than any other god, higher than any other power which may compete for our attention.

And when we exalt God we need to exalt to a place that is holy. That is, at such a high level that there is no other thing, person, name or power which can assume that same authority. The exaltation of God is not about placing Him among the highest things in our life but it’s about recognizing that He is holy and that there is no other worthy of the place in our lives which He rightfully deserves.

Because God is like no other, because He is holy, He deserves to be raised up to the highest level in our lives. We don’t lift God a little bit, we lift Him all the way up – as high as we can! If we’re going to go somewhere to worship Him we should go up a mountain because that describes how high He should be exalted. All the way up!

How can we exalt God all the way up this week to show that He is holy?

Are there things in your life you know you are exalting or lifting up higher than God?

God who is worthy of all exaltation, we remember together that You are holy. We say that there is none like You and there is none who deserves to be lifted higher than You. We want to do that with our church this week as we gather for worship. We want to exalt You, to lift You higher than any other, to say that You are the one who is worthy of all praise, all power, all majesty, all honour and all worship forever and ever. God, be exalted in our praise so that everyone would know You are holy. Amen.

Pastor Tim Fus