Psalm 47:1
Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy.

“There are all kinds of opinions on whether verses like these are instructive or descriptive of how our worship should be. Are we being told to clap our hands or is this just a natural response to what happens when we “shout to God with cries of joy”?

Either way (and there are lots of great books you can read on this topic) there is no question that our worship is so much more than what happens in our hearts or even only with our voices. Clapping, shouting and hands raised are only a few of the ways that we show our worship of God engages all of who we are.

Every culture and even every church is going to respond in different ways and at different levels of expression but take this verse and many others like it as a clear invitation to all your worship to be both heartfelt and joy-filled in a way that people can hear and see.

Our physical expressions of worship easy for you or difficult?

When you see other people clapping or raising hands in worship is it helpful in your own worship or did you find it distracting?

God of the whole earth, we want our worship to fill every part of who we are in a way that would spill over to every nation. God we shout and sing and clap in our worship for Your glory, as an expression of the joy we have found in You. Remind us that you have created us spirit, soul and body and have invited us to love You with all of our mind, soul and strength. We want to love You like this even in our worship so that every nation would join in with shouts to God. Amen.