Psalm 73:25
Whom have I in heaven but you?
And earth has nothing I desire besides you.

We live in a world where our affection and our attention are under incredible competition! Never mind the demand for every dollar from our bank account as we’re bombarded with thousands upon thousands of marketing messages every single day.
Part of our worship is an active expression that every desire is answered in Jesus and what He has done. The question in this verse is rhetorical and reminds us that Jesus is truly the only one we do have in heaven and the response is a way to gently lead our heart toward the one who truly meets every longing and satisfies every desire. Jesus is really that good!

Is there a song or a particular lyric we’re singing this week that expresses your desire for Jesus?

What are some things this week that reminded you that our world desires so many things other than Jesus?

God in heaven, we say that when our desires our focused on You we find You to be faithful and fulfilling. Thank You for creating a longing within us for who You are and thank You that our longings find their purpose in You. Jesus, as we gather to worship this week would our church come with a deep desire to meet with You, to celebrate You and to follow You. Amen.

Pastor Tim Fus