Psalm 63:8
I cling to you; your right hand upholds me.
Ever been in a place where you’ve been down to your last hope, your last chance, your last shot and you know that you’ve got nothing left on your own? Ever come to the end of your own strength, your own abilities, your own ways and realized that you have nothing left to give? It’s in moments like these when our last chance, our only strength is to cling to God with everything we have.
“Cling” is this beautiful word that means so much more than grab or reach or hang on to. Cling is “Stuck like glue!” Cling is “Holding on for dear life!” Cling is “If I let go I’m doomed and that would be bad!” And make sure you get the full picture – the One doing the upholding is not you, it’s God who upholds us when we cling to Him. How incredible that even in our most desperate moments it’s His strength that holds us up, not our own.
This weekend there are people coming to worship who have given it all, tried it all, bet it all on things in this life which have not upheld them. They’re coming because in their clinging to God they need to be upheld by Him in this most desperate moment. He’s all they’ve got left! As we lead worship this weekend remember the ones who are holding on for dear life!
What’s the encouragement for you in seeing this picture of God upholding us with His right hand when we cling to Him?

Have you ever been in a moment or season of life where your last hope was in God and how He could uphold you?

God of all strength, we confess together that our strength alone is not enough and our ability alone is not enough. We remember how much we need Your strength and we say thank You that You are strong enough and able to uphold us when we cling to You. We pray for the ones in our church and in our community who have lost hope and lost strength. Remind them that Your right hand upholds them and You invite all of us to cling to You for strength. Amen.

Pastor Tim Fus