Psalm 29:2
Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

“Ascribe” isn’t a word that shows up much in everyday language and there’s a chance it may have been reduced simply to the idea of giving or showing but it really is much more than that. Instead of the call to just give or show “the Lord the glory due his name” the idea of ascribeis to point to God as the source and the originator of the glory due his name. More than a direct command to give glory to God the meaning here is to worship God in a way that glorifies Him as the source or the reason for His glory.

We worship God because God is worthy to be worshipped.

Of course there is to much more to it than this and so many more reasons why God deserves our worship but at the core God’s glory is about God and His glory. So when we ascribe glory to God we’re pointing other people to this same God and inviting them into this great glorification.

Our opportunity this week is to simply worship God because of who He is and invite others to do the same. Whatever your role you have a part to play in ascribing to the Lord His glory. Don’t miss your chance to do this!

How does thinking about this word ‘ascribe’ impact how you think about God’s glory?

Have you been impacted in your own worship by the worship of someone else? Have other people pointed you to the glory of God?

God of all glory, we say together that You alone are worthy of our worship and that the desire of our heart is that all glory would go to You and You alone. We don’t take lightly this opportunity we have to point other people to You through our worship and we ask that You would be glorified as we do this. God, we want to be in the splendor of Your holiness as we worship so that many more people would see You and give You glory. Amen.