I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:17


We don’t have to really think about sacrifice very much and certainly not nearly as much as it was part of Israel’s religious celebrations. Sacrifice and offerings were common expressions of worship to God and part of maintaining signification relationships both within the community and with God Himself.
Our sense now of sacrifice is that we are giving up something we are owed, losing out on something which we think is good or putting off something we deserve. All of these are true but we also remember that everything we have now and will ever have comes from God Himself. Any sacrifice we ever make comes out of what God has abundantly, generously, sacrificially given to us.
A simple expression of gratitude to Jesus from a sacrificial heart is lifted up as a beautiful act of praise to a God who is completely worthy of everything we have to give Him. We are free to call on Him and cry out with everything we need because our hearts are already in a place of gratitude, thankfulness and sacrifice. He deserves it all.


Is there something you’ve given up all at once or over time which was a real act of sacrifice for you?
Do you normally think of the connection between sacrifice and gratitude?
What is something you are thankful for right now that you know has come from God?


God who gives every perfect gift, we say thank You for how You provide above and beyond everything we need. We remember that sacrifice is first about our hearts and so we say from our hearts that we are grateful for who You are and what You have done for us. We remember the great gift of Jesus and how He has forgiven us, rescued us and given us new life and we say thank You! This week as we gather with our church we call on You because we need You. Hear us as we do this together. Amen.
Pastor Tim Fus