Just a reminder before we jump into the devotional today. Pastor Carl asked us to take some time on Tuesdays to pray for Hyland Heights moving forward as we refocus our Mission, Vision, and Values. Let’s also evaluate how we can refocus these things in our life. I can’t wait to see what God does through his people at Hyland Heights!

Psalm 150:2
“Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness.”


Praising God is always an invitation and an instruction. Praise is a choice and a command. Praise is a response to revelation. When the hearts of people who love Jesus are focused on God and we remember His power and His greatness we will naturally turn to praise – because He’s worthy and because we want to.

God’s power is unlike any other power we have ever known. From the dawn of creation to what we see all around us, God’s power is on display so that we are without excuse. Kingdoms rise and fall, nations come and go, strength withers and great leaders fail but the power of God will never cease.

In the same way, God’s greatness is unmatched by anything we might ever call “great” in all of human history. No person, no discovery, no achievement comes close to the greatness that is inherent in the identity and activity of God. Whatever you can point to as the greatest thing in your life, God’s greatness surpasses that.


Do you have a story of God’s power of greatness in your own life?
How can we help our church choose to praise this weekend as a response to the power and greatness of God?
What happens in your life when you respond to the invitation to praise God for who He is and what He’s done?


God of power and surpassing greatness, we remember how You have shown Your power through creation, through Your covenant of love and protection, through Your miracles and through Your salvation through Jesus. We choose today to praise You and we say that we want to lead our church to praise You this weekend as we gather for worship. Thank You for the invitation to praise You because of Your power and greatness. We do this so that Jesus will be celebrated and that His greatness would be seen. Amen.

Pastor Tim Fus