1 Chronicles 16:23
Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day.


One of my favorite things as a worship leader it to think about the song of worship traveling around the whole world every Sunday as the church gathers early in the morning in every timezone across the globe. The worship of God rising up first in east Asia and Australia, moving toward the middle east, Africa and Europe as the day progresses, then across the ocean from coast to coast in the Americas. The people of God all over the earth lifting their voices as a global choir to celebrate and worship Jesus and everything He has done for us.

Wherever we find ourselves we have our part to play in this global choir. In some ways the global baton of worship gets passed from country to country, from language to language, from sunrise to sunset not only on the day we gather for worship but this is part of the proclamation of who God is day after day. Every day followers of Jesus around the world sing of His love, mercy, faithfulness and grace so that His salvation is proclaimed day after day.

So this week in our church we’ll join with all the earth and sing to Lord, we’ll proclaim His salvation as best we know how when it’s our turn. And we’ll listen for the song to cover the whole earth and invite so many more people to join into this song day after day.


Have you ever had the opportunity to be part of a worship service in a very different part of the world?

Are there any moments from that experience which stand out?


God of the world, thank You for the opportunity we have this week to gather with Your people in this part of the world for worship. Thank You that the song of worship and praise will happen around the whole world and we ask that we would do our part well in this incredible event. God, allow our focus to be on You and what You have done. As we proclaim Your salvation on this day would there be more and more people in the whole earth who turn to You. Amen.