I came across a story about a church service in Belfast, Ireland, the Sunday after the “unsinkable ship” – the Titanic sunk. If you remember, when the Titanic sunk she took some 1500 lives with her. The irony of the matter was that the Titanic was built in Belfast so all around that city and in that congregation that day would have been new widows and orphans, countless shipyard executives and workers whose loved ones, friends, or both had gone down with the ship on its maiden voyage to America.

The story goes that the preacher chose as his sermon title “The Unsinkable Ship” from Mark 4. Obviously he wasn’t talking about the Titanic but about the small fishing boat that carried Jesus and his disciples as they were going across the Sea of Galilee. You will remember that as Jesus was sleeping the winds blew, the waves grew larger and the disciples were scared that they would all die.

They woke Jesus up, He rebuked the storm and the winds and sea were calmed.

Let me remind us all of a few truths from that passage. First, as a believer Jesus is always “onboard” in your life. When you surrendered to Him and committed your life to Him the Spirit of God entered your life so He’s with you every step of the way. Second, He still has power to calm the storms in your life. Yes at times we’ll be like the disciples and think it’s the end but when you cry out to Jesus all things are possible. By the way those words will probably be sung by Nicole Mullin when she is here for Traction so ladies sign up now if you’ve not done so already and be sure to invite a friend.

Today no matter the storm, no matter the wind call on Jesus and He’ll calm your heart even as you go through the storm.

Pray for Melissa Petcher and family as her mom, Patricia Johnson, passed away. The viewing is tomorrow 6 – 8 at Tharp Funeral Home.

Don’t forget tonight we have multiple studies happening and I’ll be continuing my series on Moses. So brave the cold and join us.

I know it may be a cold but on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m., we want to invite dads to bring their children to help as we tackle removing all the gravel from the playground and replace it with playground certified mulch. Dave Haden is heading this project up and asked that you bring shovels and hand rakes. Dave’s goal is to not just get the work done but to make it a fun time for dads and their children. Remember many hands make the work light. Dave will have plenty of buckets for us to use to haul the gravel away.

Don’t forget we need cookies and snacks for Sunday night’s presentation of “The Gift”. You can drop them off in the kitchen Sunday morning before Bible study.

Impact someone this week by sharing the joy of Jesus’ birth,

Pastor Carl