How fast is life? I mean how fast is life moving for you? I imagine most of you would say life is moving so quickly that you turn around and it’s next week. We are “going people” who seem to enjoy being rushed. I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves is a slow person. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the checkout line at Wal-Mart, driving down the highway, walking in a store, or waiting in line at a restaurant – I simply don’t like slow moving people. Yet I know that those people probably have a lower blood pressure than I do and are less stressed than me, so I guess I need to slow down.

One of the negative side effects of our hurried life is that we miss what one song writer called, “the miracle of the moment”. Our Lord never seemed to be in a hurry. A father came to Him asking that He come quickly as his daughter was dying and yet Jesus, with people all around Him, took time to stop and ask “Who touched Me”. If you remember that story, a woman who had been sick for years reached out believing that if she just touched his robe she would be healed. Well, her faith worked. But Jesus, after being touched by probably hundreds of people stopped and talked with this woman. All the while an anxious father stood by knowing his daughter may die if Jesus didn’t show up. You see, as Jesus dealt with this woman they came and told this father that his daughter had died and there was no use in Jesus even coming.

The good news is that Jesus went anyway and raised that little girl from the dead.

While we don’t have the power of Jesus, this story reminds us that maybe things that we think have to be done now can really wait a moment while we take care of the necessary. That moment in the life of that woman changed her life forever. The old saying is true – “take time to stop and smell the roses”. As you scurry about your day, let me challenge you to not miss the miracle of the moment. To stop along the way and enjoy life instead of rushing through life. There’s no telling how many blessings we run past.

I got word this morning that we are in need of shuttle drivers. These folks drive our vans to move students from the main campus to the student center before the first service and between services. If you’d like to meet students, and bless them and their families, contact Janet Parker at and volunteer.

Remember your sacrifice of time will be appreciated more than you know.

Don’t forget Wednesday before our services that Brother Jake’s Brick Oven Creations will be on campus starting at around 5:15. The food is great, inexpensive and it is so convenient to eat here instead of trying to rush around feeding your family and get them to church on time. You can go to Brother Jakes Facebook page for more information about their menu and how to order online. Tomorrow night, 10% of their sales will go to our “Eggstravaganza”.

One last note – pray that Sunday’s weather is free of snow or ice,

Pastor Carl