Have you ever said or heard someone else say, “That’s not what I wanted to hear”? Every one of us is probably familiar with that statement. I can remember parents dealing with children making that statement, when the child confessed to doing something wrong. You might have made that statement when you talked to a banker or loan officer. It may have been words that rung out at work when something went wrong.

I recently came across a phrase that is similar, “God’s Word doesn’t tell us what we want to hear. God’s Word tells us what we need to hear”. The Bible calls itself a sword that is able to cut into the deepest aspects of our lives. Jesus even made the statement, “Think not that I came to bring peace but a sword”. What He meant by that was that while His words would be those of grace, joy, peace and comfort they would also be words that would confront us where we live. Jesus is not interested in your comfort but in conforming you to his image. That might not always be easy. There might be things in our lives that we need cut out, or things that are getting in the way of our walk with Him. My friend, I challenge you today to hear what God is saying to you no matter how easy or how hard. Remember – He loves you and His desire is to grow you and make you more like Him.

I have been talking with our Missions Team Chairman and we have the amazing opportunity this fall to be a part of reaching Cuba for Christ. In November, we’ll have the opportunity to take 7-10 volunteers to Havana and share the Gospel. Last year, a missions team saw some 500+ come to know Christ as they shared the Gospel through translators. Let me challenge you to pray about being a part of this team bringing the Good News to those in need. The cost is minimal, about $1,300 per person, and the trip will be a reward that will be measured by eternity. I’ll be sharing a date for us to meet if you sense God’s leadership to be light in a dark place.

Remember in prayer Martha Magee and family as they travel to Mississippi for her mom’s funeral service on Saturday. As you know, her mom, Adelaide, went home to Heaven on Monday. Pray for Pastor Rick as he will be preaching her funeral.

Be sure and invite someone to join you in worship this Sunday,

Pastor Carl