Good morning,
Let me ask you to remember in prayer three of our families, the Stafford’s, the Sellick’s and the Nunn’s. Wayne Stafford’s mom passed away over the weekend after a long battle with a physical illness. Wayne and Debbie have traveled back and forth to West VA to visit and minister to his mom many times and Wayne’s thoughts were always with his mom. The service will be Wednesday in West VA.

Also remember the Selleck’s as Joe passed away this morning. You may not know Joe but he was the small man who came to church each Sunday pulling his oxygen cart behind him. His son, Jeffrey, will need our prayers as much of the responsibility of taking care of decisions may fall on him.

Also remember the Nunn’s, Janet & C.W. Their son, Daniel, is now home with them battling cancer and the battle is fierce and intense. On top of that they are facing some issues with their home and needed repairs. Pray for Daniel to have peace, healing and for strength for Janet & C.W. to face each challenge.

Let me paint the picture. You’re trying to watch the game, you’ve got the sound up but in the kitchen your partner is running the blender. Then down the hallway one of your children miraculously decides to vacuum their room. Meanwhile the other children are running around yelling and playing loudly. You can’t hear the game so you do the logical thing, you turn up the volume on the TV. However that does little good because the volume control is maxed out and you still can’t hear.

The problem is not how loud the game is, the problem is really all the other noise going on around you.

In 1 Kings 19 we have the well-known drama of Elijah trying to hear God’s voice. If you remember there was a strong wind and Elijah had his ears open ready to hear but not a word. Next came an earthquake and Elijah thought this is God yet nothing. Then a fire exploded around him and Elijah just knew he would hear God in the fire but again nothing. Then God spoke in what has been called a silent voice and Elijah heard him loud and clear.

Could it be you’re not hearing from God because there are too many other things going on in your life? Could it be you’re seeking God’s will but you’ve already decided how you want things to transpire so you can’t hear God? Could it be that you simply need to get alone, away from all the noise around you and listen? My friend God is speaking, the problem may very well be our ears are so full of the sound of everything else we’re not hearing Him.

Take some time, get alone and listen for His voice, it’s there.

I pray you have a week filled with peace, with a sense of fulfillment as you lay your head on your pillow each night and when you wake up in the morning you’re anxious and ready for a new day.
Impacting tomorrow today,

Pastor Carl