Can you tell me where to find the words to the shortest sermon ever preached in the Bible? I’m not talking about the shortest verse in the Bible but the shortest sermon. Any guesses? How about Jonah 3:4, “Then Jonah began to go through the city one day’s walk; and he cried out and said, “Yet forty days and Nineveh will be overthrown.” I might add that the word overthrown means destroyed.

Notice Jonah didn’t mince his words, he wasn’t concerned about offending anyone, he didn’t start the message with humor or even tell a story. His message was simple and to the point, “You’ve got forty days and then God will destroy you”. Talk about an incentive to repent, and that’s exactly what they did. The city repented. The Bible even tells us that they put on sackcloth and sat in ashes. What’s even more impressive is that the king did it first. Imagine what would happen in America if our President did that, wonder if Congress would follow his lead.
Here’s the point – when God speaks, and He has in His Word, what are you going to do about it? Will you argue with Him, will you justify your sin, will you try and compromise with excuses about what everyone else is doing, will you ignore Him?

Unfortunately I’m reminded that even the people who come to church every Sunday are not living holy lives. There are always those who sit week in and week out listening, but yet they never apply the Word of God to their lives. They come and go but remain unchanged by the message.

Today, what is it in your life that you need to turn from and repent of? The people of Nineveh didn’t hesitate and in so doing they experienced the mercy and grace of God.

Why not follow their lead and start living in grace instead of guilt today?

I messaged Emilee Custer and she let me know that they have moved Brian to a Surgical ICU in another hospital. He needs your prayers for healing. I know it’s easy to forget people when we don’t see them but let me challenge you that when you notice someone missing for a number of Sundays, please reach out and give them a call. They might be battling health issues that are keeping them away.

Also remember Amy Seay’s dad, Steve. Steve, who lives in Ohio, had a heart attack the other day and they discovered that he has two blockages that need surgery. Pray for doctors as they work to open those blockages and for Steve as he goes through surgery. Steve’s a Godly man who loves the Lord and his family.

And please pray for Debby as she goes through chemo today and starts these next two weeks of dealing with side effects. This is her last full chemo and three weeks from now she will move to a “one drug chemo” that will not be harsh or have the side effects that she has been experiencing.

Thanks for praying,

Pastor Carl