While traveling with my family through the years, I’ve had to endure the questions every parent hears as they travel, “Are we there yet? How much longer?”. The signs that helped me deal with those questions were the mile markers along the roads. You’ve seen them as you’ve traveled -they tell you which mile marker you’re passing and exactly how many miles it is to the next state line. I can remember driving in the middle of the night and becoming fixated on those mile markers and almost falling asleep.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have mile markers in life, especially in our Christian lives? Markers that clearly said, “This is how far you’ve come and this is how far you have to go”. Well in a way as believers we do have mile markers. You see as we become more servant oriented we pass the mile marker stating that we’re maturing beyond selfishness. As we understand that life is a gift from God and live to honor Him with our time, talents and gifts we pass the mile marker stating that we’ve grown in becoming more like Christ. When you begin to see people not according to human categories but as persons who need Christ, you’ve passed the mile marker stating that you’ve moved from focusing your life on yourself and are now engaged in making disciples, of fulfilling the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Today take some time to examine how far you’ve progressed in your walk with the Lord. Take inventory of how you’re using your time and gifts to gauge if you’re using them for yourself or for others. Stop and ask yourself, does my life revolve around me and my wants or do I live to serve Him. Take a look at your Facebook posts and see if they center on yourself or if your posts are about how you are serving others and giving of yourself for others.

Our journey is to become more like Christ so take some time to examine your life to see if you’re moving forward or standing still on your journey.

Remember, when we stand before the Father what He’ll be looking for is how much like His Son you look like and have acted like.

We had another great night of VBS. And the penny war between the boys and girls is starting to heat up. Last night one of our little girls gave Lisa, who’s leading the girls side, a note saying she wanted to give 1,000 pounds of pennies to the girls. You can imagine how much fun I had with that as her parents showed up to help with dismissal and I told them about their daughters note. You can imagine their faces when I told them they could write a check and not bring in actual pennies for the $1,512 that those 1,000 pounds of pennies would cost! The great news is that we’ve already heard stories of children going home and sharing not only what they learned but how they wanted to be a child of God. And that’s what it’s all about!

Remember, MDWMD,

Pastor Carl