We awoke this morning hearing abuot the horrible news of the shooting in Las Vegas. I thought about how I mentioned that city in the message yesterday. While there’s not much we can physically do this morning, we have the power of prayer. We can pray for the families who lost loved ones that they might find the comfort of the Father as they grieve. We can pray that those who were wounded will recover. We can pray that somehow the people of God who know those wounded and murdered, will be courageous and show the love of Christ to them in appropriate ways.

Our nation needs the Lord and the time to reach out is now.

Speaking of reaching out, I want you to think back to when someone reached out to you and invited you to lunch, supper or to just join them on an outing. It made you feel good to know that they cared or that they thought enough of you to extend that invitation. As we read through Scripture we find numerous times when our Lord invited others to join Him as He walked this earth. He was always seeking others and inviting them to get to know Him.
As we look at our Lord’s example and remember those times when others have invited us to join them, it should remind us to open our lives up to others and invite them to join us. When it comes to church they tell us that most people who don’t come to church would come if someone invited them. How amazing would it be if next Sunday our church was filled with guests, especially guests that you invited? Yesterday morning I met two individuals who told me they came because a friend invited them, what a blessing to my heart. Let me encourage you to invite others to church. Our worship services are encouraging and exciting, our children and student ministries are welcoming and our people are eager to extend the hand of friendship.

The only thing that may be keeping your friends and co-workers from attending church may be you saying to them “Let me invite you”.

One last word regarding inviting others – let me invite you, our members, to be here next Sunday. As your pastor I can tell you that it is discouraging to look around and see empty chairs where you usually sit. Life is busy and we’re running here and there and everywhere. But let’s not forget the priority of assembling together to worship our Lord with those we will spend forever with. You are missed when you miss church, and when you miss church, you miss a blessing.

Impacting tomorrow today,

Pastor Carl