It was not very long after we moved to VA that our family took a short vacation to the Pigeon Forge area. While there, I noticed the seven story tower and people bungee jumping off of it. I said I wanted to do that and while my children were cheering me on my loving wife said, “I’ll not stay here and watch you jump I’m going shopping at the Christmas store”. She added a few words about me being crazy or dying but I’ve tried to bury that pain!! By the way, I’ve often tried to figure out why I love my kids more than my wife – could their loving support during this event have something to do with it?? (Just kidding of course.)

Well she left, and the kids were cheering for me as I made my way up the stairs. As pumped as I was when I got to the top, I made the mistake of looking down. As I looked down I thought – nope I’m not going to do this. I asked the attendant if I could walk back down and he said yes – cowards do it all the time. I then asked if he could give me a little push but he said that was against policy. He suggested I close my eyes, count to three and on three, step off the platform. Well, I closed my eyes, counted to two and stepped, I knew if I waited to get to three I’d not jump. Short ending of this story, I loved it and even talked my children into jumping. Of course Debby never saw any of this and to this day is happy with that decision.

There are two moments in the story of the Prodigal Son that stand out. In verse 17 of Luke 15, Luke says, “he came to his senses”. He looked around as he stood in the pig pen and realized this is not where he should be. He woke up. However verse 17 is no good without verse 20, “so he got up”. It’s one thing to realize we need to make changes and it’s another to take that step and actually do something about our condition.

Many people mention that God touched them and they need to do. . . . However, they never take the step, they never step off the platform and take action to match their awakening. If God has brought you to your senses, maybe about your marriage, your walk with Him, the kind of parent you are, the kind of employer/employee you are, the kind of church member you are, then let me challenge you to close your eyes, count to three and then step forward. Let me challenge you to not only make a change in your mind but in your actions as well.

Speaking of action, this Friday night we’ll have our second Movie Night. However this one is going to be very different. Yes we’ll have a family movie but earlier on Friday, starting at 6:00 p.m. We’ll have a corn hole tournament with prizes, $50 gift cards to Walmart for 1st place, $25 for second and $10 for third. We will have multiple food trucks, bounce houses and so much more. Check out the event on our Facebook page and then invite someone to attend with you. Take action and make an impact for the Kingdom this Friday night.

Remember, God gifted you to make a difference.


Pastor Carl