I have to admit I’ve never heard Jesus called “The Disturber”. When I heard Him described like that, my ears went up and I focused on what Billy Graham was going to say next – how would he describe that characterization and how would he match that with Scripture? While he didn’t get into explaining it as I wanted him to, I remembered what Jesus said, “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”. In one version they change the wording to say “I’ve come to bring trouble” (Matthew 10:34).

What Jesus was saying was that when He comes into our lives, He’s going to upset the status quo. He’s going to disturb your thinking, what you watch, what you say, your attitude towards others and towards life. As Jesus walked this earth He caused division and upset the proverbial apple cart.

You see, when Jesus calls you to follow Him, He calls you to be like Him and that’s the opposite of what culture today calls us to.

Today, take inventory of your life and ask yourself if you’ve allowed Him to disturb your old nature and caused you to live like Him. Today, take inventory of your words, actions and attitudes and see if you’re more like everyone else or if you’re more like Jesus in how you respond to life. Jesus not only turned over the tables in the temple but He’ll turn over the tables in our temples in order to make us more like Him.

Just a note to all of you who need keys, or have keys to our facilities. On March 19th, in order to better secure our facilities and contents, we’re changing locks on the outside doors of the church. If you need a key for a short time or for a longer period you will need to see Janet Parker in the church office to get a new one. We know that this will cause some “disturbance” for some of us but I know you’ll agree that securing our facilities is important enough to get through the change.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday as I’ll be sharing a two point message, “You Were” and “But God”, from Ephesians 2. Don’t forget to find someone you don’t know Sunday, introduce yourself and find out their name. I can tell you from talking to one of our guests from last Sunday, your friendliness and welcoming spirit made a difference in that person’s life and how they see the Lord and our church.

Remember – you are blessed in Him,

Pastor Carl