How about the story of Marshall Cummings? Seems Mr. Cummings learned an appreciation for lawyers the hard way. The story goes like this. Cummings was arrested for purse snatching and decided to act as his own counsel. However, his case took a turn for the worse when he absentmindedly asked his accuser, “Did you get a good look at my face when I took your purse?” Cummings was sentenced to ten years in prison, plenty of time to think about what he did wrong both in robbing someone and acting as his own counsel.

Like Cummings most of our world doesn’t think that their actions have consequences, especially when it comes to God’s law. They believe they can act as their own lawyer and somehow debate God. Yet because the world ignores God’s law and ignores the consequences of doing so that doesn’t change the fact that judgment will come. However, the good news is that God promises to forgive all those who trust in Him. The great news is not only does He forgive but the Bible also tells us that He forgets. Isaiah 43:25 says, “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, And I will not remember your sins”.

While it’s easy to think of the things we’ve done wrong today why not fix your attention on the fact that God took the penalty for your sins and placed them on His Son so that you can hear today and forever, “Not guilty”. It’s a glorious thought and truth. Today join God and forget as He does.

Remember Jason Amos this morning as they have taken him to UVA Medical Center to try and figure out what’s wrong. They have mentioned leukemia but I’ve not heard anything definitive this morning. Also continue to lift up Steve Witt as he recovers from life threatening blood clots in both lungs. Pray that he continues to recover and also for his knee as he had surgery on it a week or so before the blood clots moved from the knee to his lungs. Pray for Amy as she takes care of him.

Don’t forget that Brother Jakes Brick Oven Pizza trailer will be here around 5:00 serving burgers, pizza, hot dogs and more.

One last reminder, our South Dakota team could use two – three more adults as one of our men had to drop out because of work. If you’re interested please let us know asap. The trip is June 9 – 15 and the cost is around $500 per person depending on airfare. Contact Mark Gauthier if you’re interested, .

See you this evening for supper and Bible study. I’ll be teaching from Genesis 18 on the life of Abraham.

Pastor Carl