Okay – let’s go back a few years and think about being in a classroom at school. Think about the person(s) who was the teacher’s pet, or favorite. If you’re like me, no way was I the teacher’s favorite. Not that I was a bad student I was just not into buttering up the teacher. Yet there were times when my friends and I wanted to be the teacher’s favorite, especially when it came to getting out of class work. All of us have probably wanted to be someone’s favorite person in the world. We seek it in our martial relationships, or we seek it as children or students in high school. We all want someone to look at us and think we’re great.

Did you know that God has chosen you to be His favorite?

In my daily devotional reading Psalm 119:2 (Amplified Version) states this, “Blessed and favored by God are those who keep His testimonies, and who consistently seek Him and long for Him with all their heart”. Is that an amazing insight into the heart of God or what? Just like Mary the mother of Jesus when the angel said, “Hail favored one”, so you can be as well. That simply meant that Mary’s heart was one that was surrender and seeking the Lord. You see God wants to bless and favor you but it’s up to you. Are you going to keep His Word, will you seek Him with all your heart, will He be first in your life? Jesus said I want to give you “abundant life”. So why aren’t we experiencing abundant life? Why is it we feel like others are God’s favorite and we’re not? It comes down to your choices. Today, start seeking Him and start keeping His Word. You too my friend will be His favorite and that will be so much better than being a teacher’s favorite.

As you pray, please remember Val Campbell as next week she goes back to Hungary after a long furlough in the States. She has been such a blessing to our church and too many of us. We’ll miss her but we are so excited that she is going back to where God has called her to serve Him. Pray for her travels, for an easy transition back to living in Hungary and being a “missionary”. This Sunday will be her last one with us so as you see her bless her with your words.

Don’t forget to pray for God to blow the clouds away Friday and for our soccer field to be dry enough for us to use for parking cars. Pray for this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, to be filled with His presence and power. Ladies don’t forget to car-pool. My wife and another lady are going to allow me to chauffer them, so the three of us only bring one car onto the campus Saturday.

See you this evening. We’ll have people praying over our worship center and church. We’ll have children and students activities and I’ll be finishing up my series on Moses. It all starts at 6:30 p.m.

One last word for men. The movie “The Heart of Men” will be featured January 23rd here in Lynchburg. I’ve heard it will be an amazing movie for men. However the only way to get a ticket is to go to this link, https://gathr.us/screening/21637 Check it out men, and get a ticket soon.

Pray for 3,

Pastor Carl