How does a person respond to such great loss as we’ve seen in Las Vegas? For those families who lost loved ones, for the injured who may be crippled for life, but especially for the emotional pain and struggle that these folks will endure for probably the rest of their lives, what do they do?

For those people and for our nation will this be a defining moment in all our lives – how will we respond?

In his book “A Grace Disguised” Jerry Sittser recalls the night his family was driving home from a Powwow in Idaho. A drunk driver hit them head on and when Jerry awoke, his mom, wife and one of his daughters was in heaven leaving him with three children. As he worked through the loss he wrote the following words that are not only impacting, but challenging for as we know loss will come to all of us. It doesn’t matter if it’s in relationships, finances, our health or work we will all experience loss at some point in life. Here’s what Sittser said:

It is not the experience of loss that becomes the defining moment of our lives, for that is as inevitable as death. It is how we respond to loss that matters. That response will largely determine the quality, the direction and the impact of our lives. Response involves the choices we make, the grace we receive, and ultimately the transformation we experience in the loss.

I wonder, how are we responding to loss? Each of us has lost something in life and it has impacted us. I challenge you to respond remembering that God gives grace even when the loss is our own fault. God gives life after loss. Today, choose to allow God’s grace to give you the strength to keep on living in spite of loss. Allow God’s mercy to take away the guilt if you’ve messed up and allow God’s power to change your future.

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Impact tomorrow today and invest in someone around you,

Pastor Carl