First we need your help. On Sunday June 24 we’ll have the Voices of Mobile sharing in our worship services. This is a group of college students that are being used by God through the avenue of music, to reach people for Christ, encourage believers and challenge the next generation to serve Christ. It will be an amazing service that you’ll not want to miss.

Now here’s how I need your help – on Saturday night only (June 23), we need to find host homes for 15 of the students. The group is half men, half ladies. They will probably practice at the church Saturday afternoon and then you will need to pick them up here at the church and get them back Sunday morning. If you can help, which we really need you to do, please contact Pastor Tim at You can call him at the church, 434.821.6906, either way he can give you the details. I know when Debby and I did this very thing with the group Truth, we received the blessing. So please step up and give us a hand. By the way if you’d like to donate a few dollars to help us provide lunch for the team on Sunday after church, plesae let Pastor Tim know as well.

How do you make a decision? What criteria do you use to make BIG decisions? Sometimes we seek the counsel of others, sometimes we do research about the issue on the internet, do we go by feelings, do we go by what we read on the internet or in the newspaper? There are multiple ways each of us have made decisions in life.
What bothers me about our culture today is that believers are adopting the culture’s way of making decisions. We “hear” how the world is reacting and we follow suit. My concern is this, what happened to Biblical principles and standards?

What happened to prayer, to seeking God, to searching the Scriptures for Godly wisdom?

Remember Psalm 119:105, “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and light for my path”. If we’d spend as much searching in God’s Word for answers as we do talking to every “Tom, Dick and Harry”, we would be guided in how to make decisions. God’s Word addresses every issue known to man yet often it’s the last thing we take into consideration when we’re making decisions.

How about an example? Do I take another job? What does the Bible have to say about that. Well the Bible tells the father that he should put his family first. He should so love his wife that he takes into consideration the impact this new job will have on his relationship with her and his children. He should also consider the impact this new position will have on his walk with the Father. If his job will demand his total allegiance, not leave time for family, take him away from serving the Father, then based on Bible principles then the answer is simple.

What about buying a new car? Well the Bible tells us to be wise stewards of all that God has given us. Will the cost of buying, or paying for, that new car take away from what you can provide for your family, or the Kingdom? The Bible speaks – it’s not a wise decision to put your family in jeopardy for a new car.

Even with issues of conflict, how do we handle those? Well turn to Matthew 18, starting in verse 15 and the Bible tells us how to deal with conflict. Marriage conflict? Well Ephesians 5 speaks volumes about submitting yourself to the Lord first, loving your spouse like Christ loved the church, loving your spouse and putting her/him first. Do we love our spouse by ignoring them, shutting them out of our lives, or abusing them? The Bible’s answer shouts across the roof tops and yet we ignore it.

Next time you’ve got a decision to make, first pray, then open God’s Word and wait. God is not hiding His will for your life from you, maybe you just don’t want to hear what He has to say.

Be blessed and don’t forget, we need your help hosting these college students who love the Lord enough to spend their summer serving Him,

Pastor Carl