Can you name a few people or things you know are around but you just don’t pay much attention to them? It may be that you take them for granted or you tend to forget them. Probably from time to time would be our spouse, our job, a friend or a hobby. It’s easy when life gets fast paced and full that we look up and that person or thing is now living in the distance.

Now stop and think about all that God has on His plate. Imagine having promised, as One who never breaks a promise, that you’ll hear every time one of your children calls on your name. Imagine not only listening but giving an answer. Imagine how His attention can be drawn to someone in need in China and at the same time He is paying attention to someone in America. Incredible when you stop and think about how awesome God is. I cannot fathom Someone like that, it is beyond my imagination. Yet we know, based on His Word, that He is always listening and always present.

That thought should bring us comfort and confidence as we walk through life’s challenges. To know, beyond a doubt, that He is with us should embolden us to be faithful to Him no matter what. I can tell you that through our cancer journey there were times when Debby and I had our lonely times, times when we thought He was nowhere around. Yet after our doubting times we always came back to the rock solid truth that He is with us.

Let me encourage you that even when times come and you think He’s not around, He is. He is with you, He has not forgotten you.

Even with all the millions of people in the world calling His name at the same time He has time for you.

Don’t forget that next week is VBS. I’m not sure if Pastor Mike has need of helpers but I do. Each evening, Monday – Thursday, I need a group who will help get children from the worship center to their parents. If you can help simply show up in the north parking lot around 8:40 p.m. Be sure and take note of the weather as we don’t stop because of a little rain.

By the way, thank you for praying for Debby. Her surgery went very well and while she’s weak, she gets a little better every day. Pray for her as I’m her nurse, cook and caretaker, man does she need prayer. I appreciate Butch preaching for me yesterday, I know you were blessed and challenged.

Last of all don’t forget our July 4th picnic at the ministry land on Wednesday. We’ll have hot dogs, hamburgers and side dishes. We’ll celebrate God’s power to transform lives with a creek baptism and enjoy a great time of fellowship. I know you’ve probably got plans for that day but make room to join us as we celebrate our freedom as Americans but most of all our freedom as Believers.

Have a great week walking in His presence,

Pastor Carl