I was reading the story of a young girl who reached into a cage at the zoo only to have a lion grab her arm in his teeth. The security guard nearby heard the screams, came running and quickly shot the lion. However as the lion fell he knocked the girl and the guard to the ground. As the guard fell, his gun went off again but this time it struck the girl in the leg.

The girl’s parents filed suit against the zoo, the guard, and the government agency that owned the zoo. The case went before a jury and the jury came back with the verdict that denied all damages except for the one against the zoo for not having the cage sufficiently inaccessible. The guard was not held liable based on the fact that he was being a “good Samaritan” and should not be punished for accidentally wounding the girl as he was trying to save her.

The sad aspect of our culture today is that we love to sue. What’s even worse is that as more lawsuits are filed the less likely people are to help another person when they are in need. As one writer said, “It’s enough to make an ordinary citizen duck his or her head and look the other way”.

Here’s the good news, God doesn’t call us to be ordinary. In Luke 10:30-37, we find the story of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan helped a stranger simply because it was the right thing to do. Yes it did cost him something to help this man, and yes there was the possibility that he would never be thanked for his help and sacrifice – but he acted anyway. Jesus ended the story by challenging us to “Go and do likewise”.

As you journey through life don’t be ordinary – be a Good Samaritan and help someone else along the way.

I am looking forward to Sunday as we’ll be ordaining four men who are serving as deacons. It will be a special time in our worship service as we set apart those who God has called to serve His church and His people. By the way, we are in the process of receiving nominations of men to serve as deacons starting in 2019. We have the daunting task of replacing ten men so as you pray, ask God to show you men that you can nominate to serve. As God puts these men on your heart send their names to Kathy Straw at kstraw@hhbc.net and she will pass them along to our Deacon Nominating Committee as they will be meeting next week to start the process. The Committee needs your help in finding men to serve so take some time to pray and think about who to nominate.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Carl