Well, I’ve learned something new today. I’ve gotten at least 5 emails from para-church groups advertising this as “Giving Tuesday”. I’ve never heard of this before and was intrigued. One ministry group was even bold enough to say its “Double Giving Tuesday”. Of course every ministry needs funds to fuel their work and are quick to take advantage of every opportunity to ask for more support.

I thought about our church when it comes to giving. We’re in the midst of our Impact Offering and starting Sunday we’ll jump into our Vision VA/Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and of course there’s the week to week budget that fuels our ministries. This year I’ve taken a little different approach as I think through these opportunities to give. The key aspect of all of these opportunities to give in my heart and mind is not the number of requests, but the impact of what I’m giving. I rejoice that I can give my tithe because I see firsthand the impact it has on a day to day basis. I know many of you wonder at times what we spend your tithes and offerings on, but I can say our Finance Committee has done an excellent job challenging our staff to do ministry creatively and with minimal expenditures. By the way – don’t forget to pick up the proposed 2018 budget as we’ll be discussing and voting on that as well as new deacons and our Nominating Committee Volunteer Ministry Teams.

I also have the advantage of seeing how the Impact Offering is already making a difference. When you come on campus tomorrow evening you’ll see our parking lot repaired and you’ll see new paving at the Food Pantry. God sent a paving contractor, who does excellent work, and through the Impact Offering we were able to get repairs done this week. I also see how the unpopular debt supplement giving allows us to do ministry each day. I see lives being changed, Kingdom advancement and practical ministry happening each day. I was a little dishearten to learn that our Impact Offering has also had a negative impact on our weekly budget giving so just a little reminder – your Impact Offering is above your normal tithe. We’ve seen our Impact Offering go up and our weekly budget giving go down so take a step of faith and give your tithe first and then our Impact Offering and our State/World Mission Offering.

As to our State/World missions offerings, again I’ve been privileged to see firsthand the impact this has on mission work in our state and around the world. I’ve been with missionaries whose ministries have doubled and tripled because of this special offering. Our 3,500 missionaries around the world use these funds to expand their ministries and to open new doors to unreached people groups.

As a result of our mission offering we see thousands come to Christ all over the world.

Giving Tuesday is really not about giving, it’s about furthering the Kingdom of God. Let me encourage you to keep giving each week to your church. If you give regularly let me say Thank You. If you give sporadically or not at all, let me challenge you to not miss the blessing of putting your God-given resources into building His Kingdom. You my friend are making a difference in millions of lives here in Central VA and around the World. Remember – the blessing comes when we give (Acts 20:35). Enjoy what God has given to you and use it wisely for His Kingdom.

Impact His Kingdom – Give,

Pastor Carl