Earlier this morning I had the privilege of meeting with about 50 children and teachers at a local Elementary school for “See You at the Pole”. If you’re not familiar with that emphasis, let me give you the short version. It’s a challenge for students to arrive at school early, gather around the flag pole and pray. It’s simple, student led and encouraging to all who attend. It gives students the opportunity to see other students, and teachers, who are believers and to know they are not alone.

This year the theme of See You at the Pole was “Fix Our Eyes”. As Scripture states, “Fix your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of your faith” (Hebrews 12:2). This morning I was able to challenge students, parents and teachers, to fix their eyes on Jesus. To see past the challenges of life, the times our friends let us down, the times when things go wrong or the times when you are disappointed or frustrated and keep your focus on Jesus. I shared with them that Jesus is the One who will never reject you, He will guide you, protect you, and walk with you. The real blessing for me was seeing those students and teachers latching on to what I was sharing and seeing their acceptance of this great truth. I know these students and teachers appreciate your prayers so whenever you pass a school or think about them say a little prayer. I believe our public school teachers hold one of the most important places in our community so keep them in your prayers.

This morning, let me challenge you as well to fix your eyes on Jesus. Life throws so much at us and we tend to get focused on the problems, the negatives or the discouraging issues and before you know it we’re depressed and ready to throw in the towel.

Today fix your eyes on Jesus and allow Him to give you His perspective on life.

Remember to pray for our Impact Offering. This is a critical time for us as a church to invest in our future so pray for your family as you pray through what God is challenge you to do and pray for our church family that we might respond and meet our Challenge Goal. While many will say it’s all about money, trust me it’s not. It’s all about the ministry that these funds allow us to accomplish now and into the future.

Don’t forget we can always use a few more helping hands this afternoon, around 2, at the Food Pantry to pack bags for distribution. Of course we can always use extra hands in the evening as well. Don’t forget Awana, Student Ministry, Bible studies that others and I lead. It all happens starting at 6:30 p.m.

Impact your tomorrow today,

Pastor Carl