A few weeks ago, my rehab trainer at the gym told me to start drinking a Fit Aid after each workout. I had no idea what the drink was, as I’d never heard of it before. At first, the citrus taste was not doing much for me. I decided the guy knew what he was talking about so I trusted him, bought a can and drank it on the way home from my morning workout. During the day I wondered if it was doing me any good and concluded that I was not feeling any differently.
Well, the following morning after my workout, I woke up feeling different than the morning after previous workouts. Usually I was sore and could tell that I had stretched and used muscles that were used to being dormant. However that morning I was feeling great. No soreness, no weakness just a feeling of strength. As I thought about why I was feeling different, it hit me – the Fit Aid. That drink did just what the trainer said it would do. I was amazed at how good I did feel. So now after every workout you’ll find me with my can of Fit Aid drinking away and loving every drop.
I share that with you because so many of us do the same thing in our spiritual lives. You see we usually wait until after a challenge comes, after a crises hits, after a fall, to take our “fit aid”. After a challenge, we run to the Lord and say “help me get through this”. The fact is we’re spiritually out of shape. God’s plan for you is to take the time to get in shape now, to drink of His Word and His presence now so that when a challenge comes, you’ll be ready to meet it. Let me challenge you to get yourself ready now for what may come tomorrow.

Take time each day to draw closer to Him so that when the trial comes you’ll be “fit as a fiddle”.

Be sure and remember Ed Peterson’s mom in prayer. She was facing open heart surgery today but they have backed it up until next week. Also remember Bonnie Clark as she rehabs from knee replacement. Remember Brian Custer as he continues to improve and pray that his surgery is soon. Last, but not the least, remember Cassidy Richardson. Cassidy has battled cancer for a while now and is doing well. She needs to have her knee extended but they are waiting for everything to be just right before doing that procedure. She’s an amazing young lady who just keeps fighting.
I know the weather forecast is looking challenging for Sunday but remember we’ll have church as usual unless it snows over two inches or ices over. If our schedule changes we’ll post it on our web page – if we have electricity that is, and we’ll also put it on WSET. But for now we’ll plan on having church as usual Sunday.
See you Sunday,

Pastor Carl