During the message last Sunday I quoted Andy Stanley’s statement “Don’t believe everything you think”. As I thought about that statement I wondered where this whole idea we have that what “we” think is always right. I thought back to William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and the statement “This above all: to thine own self be true”, spoken by Polonius in Act-I, Scene-III. That statement centered on putting yourself first and speaks of being true to yourself. I wondered, “Is that where we got this idea that what we think is always right”? Of course the fact is this whole idea of “what we think is always right” originated in the Garden of Eden when Eve decided that what she thought was right and what God said was wrong.
I guess I would caution us all, including me, that what we think is not always right. To be honest with you this is a battle I fight on a regular basis. We must all filter our personal belief system through Scripture, we must allow our opinions to flow through the Bible and evaluate accordingly. At times our thoughts will be true, at times they will steer us in the wrong direction. At times we are convinced that how we see things is right no matter what anyone else says. Today don’t allow pride to sneak in and you start believing that everything you think is right.
Allow God’s Word to be the anvil upon which your thoughts are tested, you may just save yourself from making another mistake.
Please pray for Mary Lambert as this morning she heads back into surgery. She has been suffering with upper back issues for some time now and finds herself in need of another surgery. I know she and Chester appreciate your prayer support. Remember her daughter, Beth, who has been taking time off to help with mom. Continue to remember Cassidy Richardson and specifically pray for her lung to heal. Of course remember Bobby Adkins, pray that the chemo therapy will shrink tumors and he can be put on another drug that has worked with others who have the same cancer he is fighting.
I hope to see you tonight as I’ll be teaching on Spiritual Maturity from the life of Moses. Don’t forget that we can always use helpers in the Food Pantry mid-afternoon, say 2:30.
Impacting tomorrow today,
Pastor Carl