Let me start off by saying what a great day of worship we had yesterday! That arrangement of “What A Beautiful Name (with Agnus Dei)” was so powerful! As a musician, there aren’t many things better than seeing a good dynamic build happen in a song, but when the words and message of the song line up with the music so well to glorify our God, it can give you chills!

As we move into a new week, I’m excited for the opportunities that God will provide to reach people with the gospel, and for the doors He will open for us to serve Him. I’m reminded of the woman in Mark 14 that broke the vial of costly perfume and poured it over Jesus’ head. In verse 8, Jesus says to His disciples after they had scolded the woman, “‘She has done what she could; she has anointed my body beforehand for the burial.'”

Two very interesting things stick out to me in this brief passage. First, the perfume was very costly. In the passage, it tells us that the perfume was worth over 300 denarii, which would translate to about 300 days’ wages at that time. The woman could have brought anything at all to serve Jesus, but she brought something that COST her something. The interesting thing about her status in that community, was that she was recognized as a sinner. So, a SINNER brought something that COST her something to serve Jesus. Does that hit you in the gut or what?!

The other interesting thing about the passage is that Jesus pointed out to the disciples that this woman had “done what she could.” The disciples were grumbling about what she had done, but no one else had brought a sacrificial gift to Jesus the way that she did. This speaks to us today because Jesus is simply asking us to do the same thing that she did: to do what we can. We may not have the means or the opportunity because of life’s situations to go on long-term mission trips, or to buy things and give them away at the drop of the hat. We may not be able to accomplish a flawless public speech.

We may not be able to play an instrument or sing, but according to the point we find in this passage, that really doesn’t matter, does it?

Jesus is simply asking us to do what we can. The other part of this story is this: it should cost us something. It shouldn’t feel convenient for us to serve Him and the church. It certainly wasn’t convenient for Jesus to leave the side of His Father in heaven and die for us on the cross. Once we have come to a saving knowledge of Him by His grace, He simply wants us to give of ourselves in a way that costs us something for the good of others and for the good of His kingdom.

I pray that we can all find ways to serve Him today, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re looking for ways, you will find them. Be blessed, encouraged, and challenged today to serve someone in service to the Lord today!

Josh Moon
Director of Media Technology