Yep an afternoon devotion in place of a morning devotion. I was with my wife at the Cancer Center this morning, so I’m just now getting settled in at the church office. By the way, let me invite you to Bible study tonight as I’ll be talking about “When Women Wear the Pants” from Genesis 16 and the life of Abraham. Thought the title might draw a little interest. One other added blessing for tonight, Brother Jake’s Brick Oven Creations will be here at 5:15 so come early and enjoy a great meal. Ten percent of all their sales will be donated to our Outdoor Ministry.

Did you know that today, in 1900, marks the commissioning of the United States Navy’s first modern submarine? Of course we all know that the first military submarine of the United States was the 1775 submersible Turtle. When you consider today’s submarines can exist for about 3 months under water without coming up for air or supplies, that’s amazing. Even though I’ve only dived to a depth of 130 feet it’s amazing what’s beneath the surface of the oceans.

While submarines and diving gear allows us to see beneath the surface of the ocean, we still have the mistaken idea that nobody can see beneath the surface of our skin. We think that no one knows what’s stirring on the inside of our minds and hearts. Well I hate to bust your bubble, but while we know some people who seem to know what we’re thinking, the fact remains that God knows the thoughts and the intent of our hearts (Jeremiah 17:10). You simply cannot hide from God what’s beneath the surface.

The fact remains that what’s beneath the surface is the source of our real life. What we’re thinking in our heart will eventually control how we act and how we speak. Let me challenge you to look beneath the surface – to get real about the you no one sees, and allow God to change you on the inside so you’ll be different on the outside.

See you tonight and don’t forget our study, “When Women Wear the Pants”,

Pastor Carl