What can Secretariat teach us? If you don’t know who Secretariat was, he was a race horse who won the Triple Crown back in 1973. His time at the Belmont, the last race in of the three, still stands today as the fastest r run ever! As a matter of fact, some people believe that Secretariat was the fastest horse that ever lived and probably the best of them all. So the question remains what lesson can we learn from a horse?

In the first two races of the Triple Crown, Secretariat came from the back of the pack and finished strong enough to win. When it came to the last race he was not favored to win because it was the longest of the races and while he was fast they predicted he could not be fast over the long mile and a half race.

The amazing fact is that Secretariat led that last race almost from the start and won by 31 lengths -an amazing finish.

So what can we learn from Secretariat? Finish well. Not only is it Christmas but we’re finishing off 2017. Some of us had plans for this year, we had goals we wanted to accomplish, tasks we wanted to complete, issues in our individual lives we wanted to work on. As we begin the task of looking back, do you need to take a lesson from Secretariat and finish the year well? Will you complete those New Year resolutions? Will you fulfill those commitments?

While it does matter how we start it also matters how we finish. Let me challenge you to always finish well. The writer of Hebrews tells us to look forward, to run without looking back. Even Jesus said no man is fit for the kingdom if he’s constantly looking back. We all make commitments to the Lord, family, church or job performance so now’s the time to remember those and finish 2017 well.

Yesterday, we welcomed Cassy Ford, Jim & Heather Schoffstall and their son Toby, as they joined our Hyland Heights family. Always a blessing to welcome those God has called to join His family. By the way, if you missed yesterday you really did miss a blessing, and I’m not saying that because of the message. As a matter of fact I even had one family tell me they had four choices yesterday and could only do three. Their choices, to hear the Sounds of Liberty, go to Life Group, attend FX with their children and hear me preach. Guess who got left out? Yep – the preacher. Talk about an ego buster!! (You can laugh with me now).

Don’t forget that our Moms2Mom’s ministry is set up to take your family’s Christmas picture. For more info or to signup online for your time slot go to HHBC.net/Moms2Moms.

As you pray today remember Patricia Dykty as she’s having heart issues and went to the Emergency Room last night.

Pastor Carl