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First things first – a welcome goes to Grady Pugh along with Jeremey & Shannon Kent, who came in the first service yesterday, and Joann Pasanen as she came in the second service to be a part of Hyland Heights. We celebrate with them in committing their lives to Christ and we are encouraged by their courage to step forward and proclaim their commitment to Christ. By the way, Shannon is Grady’s daughter.

Second, I found out yesterday that a mission team is forming to go to Hungary in July. The team is made up of three couples and they are seeking others to join them as there is a lot of work to be done. They will be doing mostly construction. If you are interested, contact Carl Brewer at carlnsandyb@aol.com The team will be working with two of our missionaries, Cathy Thompson and Val Campbell. I’ve been to Hungary to work with Cathy & Val and can tell you that God is at work through them. If God is speaking to your heart, contact Carl Brewer and go.

Third, the door is still open for you to join our South Dakota team on June 9 -15. I challenge you to simply ask God if He wants you to be a part of this team and then say yes. Contact Mark Gauthier at mgauthier@sbcv.org if you’re interested.

Mission trips like this renew your passion, draw you closer to the Lord and bless the Kingdom.

This morning I was headed back home during rush hour traffic. People were lined up at traffic lights and on highways trying to get to work on time. We know because of the fall that God cursed the ground and said that “By the sweat of our brow you’ll make a living” (Genesis 3:19). So work became a curse. However when you get to the New Testament Paul tells us that in everything we do we are to do it to the Lord. We are to take the curse of work and instead use our time at work to show forth Christ. We are to, as my father-in-law always says, “give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”.

You see, your job allows you to feed your family, gives you a sense of accomplishment and provides you resources to bless your family and the Kingdom. Today instead of looking at your “job” grudgingly, why not do what Paul said and see your work as unto the Lord. It’s amazing the impact for Christ you will have on your boss, fellow employees and employees (if you’re the boss) if you live out Christ-like qualities on a day to day basis while you’re on the job.

Take the curse and make it a blessing.

Continue to pray as Paul Alleman is scheduled to have a pace maker inserted this morning. Also remember Jason Amos, and his wife Carla, as he undergoes chemo at UVA for the next month as he battles leukemia.
Bless someone else today,

Pastor Carl