In the local paper this morning there was an article about P.J. Abbott who restores old motorcycles.  His latest project was restoring a 1948 Indian Chief motorcycle he purchased from a seller in PA and has spent the last five years rebuilding and restoring back to its original condition.  The article talked about how he made sure everything was to exact specifications, how numbers matched, paint matched and when completed it looked like it just came off the show room floor.  It was obvious he loves his hobby and has a heart to take something old and broken and make it new.

In reading Psalm 119:93 the Psalmist said “I will never forget your precepts for by them you have revived me”.  As P.J. Abbott scours the nation seeking original parts to revive old motorcycles God has said that the part He uses to make us new is His Word.  He will take that which was broken and bring about new life.  The best aspect of what God does is that unlike that 1948 Indian Chief that will only be as “good as new”, God makes us better than new.  The key to being new in Christ, first to know Him through entering into a relationship with Him.  Second, to stay in God’s Word so that His Word transforms our lives.  If you want to be new my friend the key is keeping your nose in God’s Book.

Continue to pray for Bobby Adkins as he battles cancer as the treatments are taking away all his strength.  Also don’t forget Cassidy Richardson who went through another surgery last week and is going through the healing process.  Cassidy has been in this battle for a number of years but continues to have the determination to win this battle.  I know her family appreciates your prayer support.

Impacting tomorrow today,

Pastor Carl