I’ve guess you might say I’ve spent my life counseling people about the “what ifs” of life. To be honest, those questions can get to me from time to time. The Bible was full of people asking the question “What if”. When told to lead the Israelites, Moses asked God, “What if they don’t believe me?” Abraham’s servant asked about Isaac’s future wife, “What if the young woman refuses to come with me?” Joseph’s brothers asked, “What if Joseph bears a grudge against us?” All of them wondered what would happen if circumstances went awry…..just like we do.
The question that follows “what if” is this, “Is God sufficient?”
We all wonder, even if we don’t admit it – is God’s grace really sufficient when the bottom falls out, when our health goes down, when disobedience happens in our family, when we are without a job?
When that happens, let me challenge you to turn your “what if” into an “even if”. Remember Daniel 3:17-18 and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They were faced with “what if”, when deciding not to obey the king which then turned into an “even if”. They said doesn’t matter what you do king. Our God will deliver us, in the fire or through the fire He’s sufficient.
I am like you, and my family is like yours – we face “what ifs” and are challenged to turn them into “even ifs”. Let’s pray for one another today that when we are faced with one of the “what if” challenges of life we’ll respond as those three Hebrew men and say “even if”. As you think on this issue let me encourage you at some point before you go to bed tonight to read Habakkuk 3:17-18, let God speak to your heart to turn your “what if” into an “even if”.
Remember in prayer Pauline Glass who will be going home to heaven any time now. Pray that she can rest easy as God prepares her to meet with Him. Also remember in prayer Charlie Burton who will bury his sister this morning. Charlie and his siblings grew up in an orphanage here in Lynchburg and through the years have allowed God to bring them back together and enjoy fellowship as a family and as children of the Lord.
By the way – what a blessing I had yesterday afternoon when I walked into McDonald’s. Sitting there were about 7 of our ladies with open Bibles reading and studying God’s Word. Talk about blessing my heart! Groups like that are happening all throughout our church family. You need to start one today and grow in Christ.

Pastor Carl