Please pray for the Mackey family. Jamie, mom, shared with us yesterday that while on vacation visiting family, Evan, her 23 year old special needs son, had multiple medical issues and has passed away. I talked briefly with Jamie and of course she and her other two children, Ethan and Elizabeth, are heart broken and grieving. This family has been through many challenges over the years but have maintained their faith and have persevered with God’s strength. Jamie is planning a family service for Evan there before coming home.

Also remember Howard Lacks as he will be having extensive back surgery at UVA today. Pray specifically that his blood pressure will remain stable as they perform the surgery and that everything goes perfectly. Also pray for Jimmy Davis as he has knee surgery tomorrow.

Tired of hearings in D.C. yet? One thing I keep hearing is,

When will they get to the bottom line?

You see the bottom line in anything simply means that is it, there’s no more. I can remember years ago buying a new car and struggling to get to the bottom line with the salesman on the price. Whether it’s a purchase, a job prospect or a relationship we all want the bottom line.

Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, TX, stated that the bottom line regarding the issues of life is forgiveness. He said, “We cannot control the offenses that come into our lives. What we can control is how we handle them. In more than 20 years of ministry, I’ve seen bitterness destroy individuals, couples, entire congregations.” He went on to site a survey that said four out of 10 Americans said they were currently having difficulties forgiving someone who had wronged them.

I would agree and amen that many times over. I can honestly say that if we practiced forgiveness our lives would be so much more rewarding, joyful, and peaceful. Our lives, our families, our church and our jobs would be transformed if we forgave others instead of holding onto hurts. My challenge to you, let it go, forgive yourself and others. Time for you to stop holding onto that grudge and to walk in freedom. Bottom line – forgive one another.

By the way, on our project to save funds and be energy efficient you voted to replace the lights in the multi-purpose center. The cost estimate at the time we voted was about $10,000. Good news, the cost has come down to about $7,500.

One last bit of good news to share with you. Our Yankton Mission Team is hard at work during the day doing projects around the Church as well as fixing up a half-way house for those getting out of prison. In the evenings they?ve had about 30 children in VBS. Pray that the weather is good and Pastor Larry shared that about three new families are coming and interested in joining.


Pastor Carl