We’ve all seen it and experienced it. What I’m talking about is the look that speaks volumes. I was reading about a man who shared that his wife has a look that says,

Do not say any more. This is a time to keep quiet. If you say any more, you will regret it. Please keep quiet!

He went on to say that with a twist of her head she can say, “I can handle this situation. Please stay out of it. It will be better for now if I do it myself”.

Like I said, all of us know something of what that writer is speaking of. Now here’s the spiritual application for us today. Our Lord knows where you are and what you understand, so He knows exactly how to communicate with you. Think about it – Jesus told His disciples “I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now” (John 16:12). He knew what they could and could not understand. The fact is that God speaks to us through His Word but in such a way that we can understand – if we’re listening.

Never think that God is not speaking because He is. He’s speaking in a way that you can comprehend so trust Him and listen for His insight, wisdom and understanding.

Don’t forget that we have church tonight at 6:30 p.m. I’ll continue my series in Proverbs and of course we’ll have ministry for children and students. I’ll be looking for you this evening.

By the way – keep praying for our South Dakota Mission Team. Some of them leave tomorrow driving out west and the rest of the team leaves Saturday via airplane. One of team members had to drop out yesterday because of medical issues so pray for her. Also pray that God will do a miracle and call out another lady to go in her place, who would also have to leave tomorrow. Pray for them as they travel and next week as they minister with Pastor Larry Wollbrink, a former member here and now pastor of Yankton Baptist Church in South Dakota.


Pastor Carl