Some of us are hard-wired to be vocal. Some of us are like the disciple Peter who always wanted to be in the mix of things, and at times put the proverbial foot in his mouth. Some of us are not wired that way and well, we’d rather stay in the background, quiet and watching. Of course there are others who don’t say anything for a long period of time and then they speak their mind. Jesus loves us all, no matter our DNA or personality.

You see, the Bible says we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus to do good things for the Kingdom (Ephesians 2:10).

Today across VA, no matter what our personality or DNA, we have an opportunity to let our voice be heard – it’s Election Day! While some may say it’s just a primary, the truth is any election is a major election and important.

If we as believers will continually rise up and vote for Christian values we can make an impact in the future of our nation.

Yes I know it’s hard to find a true believer to vote for and yes I agree 100% that prayer is the real key to changing America. However we are still given the privilege and responsibility to vote. In a few weeks we’ll celebrate Independence Day. What a shame it would be to celebrate that day and know that you didn’t fulfill your role as an American citizen and vote.

I wanted to say Thank You for giving to our Cindy Meador Memorial Scholarship Fund and investing in future ministry leaders. You gave about $3,400 on Sunday. Let me remind you that if you missed giving to that scholarship fund, you can always give on any Sunday, online or by text. Just make sure you add that your offering is for the CMMSF.

Pray you can stay cool this week. Don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors to join you for worship Sunday as we honor fathers.


Pastor Carl