You may not know it, but before any President goes somewhere, like Lynchburg or London, there is a team that goes before him. They secure everything, they know every inch of the landscape, they know the dangerous places to avoid, and they even secure every man hole on the streets the President’s limousine will travel. It gives the President an extreme sense of security knowing that his team has been there and is still there as he arrives.

In Exodus 23:20-23 Moses opens with God saying,

Behold, I am going to send an angel before you.

As you read that whole passage you find that God sent an angel, which many believe to be Jesus incarnate, before the children of Israel as they moved into the Promised Land. God told them to listen to the angel and simply do what he told them to do and then He would fight for you, He would be their advocate. In the same way, have you realized that He goes before each one of us?

How good is it to know that whatever tomorrow holds God has already been there and knows all about what you will face?

Before the phone rings He knows what the message will be. You and I don’t have to be afraid of tomorrow as our Father has already made Himself available to you, to guide you through and to give you strength as you face challenges. Today, rest in the knowledge that He has walked through your today and your tomorrow.

First, be in prayer for our Worship Pastor Search Team, and yourself, as we seek to know God’s will. Keep your ears open as we may have a church town-hall meeting very soon to walk the church through this process and where we believe God is leading.

Second, this weekend is going to be amazing. There will be opportunities to minister to our community, and to support what God is doing in our Women’s Ministry, and to be in one of the most amazing worship services you’ll experience. Starting Friday night we have Ladies Paint Night and then our Community Movie Night. These community outreach events have touched many lives across the summer. On Saturday, be here early for a pancake breakfast, get your car washed and shop at the yard sale. All proceeds will help our Women’s Ministry provide a ladies conference in January for Central VA and beyond. Then on Sunday one of the most gifted worship leaders in our time, Michael O’Brien, will be with us. He’ll be sharing in both worship services so invite a friend and come prayed up and prepared to worship.

Third, the movie Extraordinary will be at the River Ridge Mall Sept. 7th for a one time showing. We will be selling advance seats the next two Sundays before, between and after our worship services. The cost, we do not make a penny, is $12.11 ($11.50 + tax). We will be taking cash and checks made out to HHBC only.

Fourth, we are seeking leaders for men’s Bible studies so if God has given you a desire to lead a small group now’s the time to step up. Our Men of the Rock Ministry is looking to you to lead. Contact Chaz at if you are interested.

Fifth, on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. our Student Ministry is inviting parents and students to a Parent 411 supper. They will be sharing their plans for the next year and introducing you to our Student Ministry Team. Please contact Janet Parker at the church, 821-6906, to reserve space for your family. Childcare will be provided.

So much is happening, so pray, pray, pray. Pray as if it all depended on God and work as if it all depended on you.

Impacting tomorrow today,

Pastor Carl