Ever wonder how we got the tradition of saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes? Well it was on this day in the year 600 that Pope Gregory decreed that the correct response to a sneeze was “God bless you”. It’s amazing how that simple phrase has endured through the centuries and is used by practically everyone no matter if they believe in God or not.

I wonder if we realize how important it is that we bless others, not just in words but in actions. Blessing others can take any number of forms, from doing something for another person to giving a helping hand, to sharing a kind word, to being honest.

Blessing others was what God did when He created us and more importantly when He gave His Son to die in our place. Psalm 103 teaches us to bless Him.

Today, let me challenge you to be a blessing to another person.

It may be someone you meet for the first time or someone you’re related to or someone you’ve been friends with for years. You are so much like the Father when you bless others for He has blessed us more than we can know. By the way, when you bless God’s children you bless Him.

I wanted to also challenge you to be in church on Sunday. We will be blessed to hear an update from Missionary Cathy Thompson and the work in Hungary. We’ll also have future NFL star John Lundsford, former Liberty University kicker and now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, share a testimony with us. I’ll continue in sharing from Ephesians 1 and the blessing of being adopted by the Father.

I’ll see you Sunday,

Pastor Carl