In the not so distant past we used the expression, “A bird’s eye view”. What we meant by that was since a bird could soar above everything, he could see the whole picture and not just part of the picture. Today we would rephrase that to say “A drone’s eye view”.

With the invention and use of drones we can see the world with even more clarity than what a bird might see.

However seeing the world from the sky is not new. Way back in 1959 the Explorer 6 satellite transmitted the first photographs of earth from space. Imagine those scientist and others seeing the earth not from a mountain top or an airplane, but being able to see it all – to see the whole earth.

I wonder from time to time how great it would be to see life from the perspective of the whole. Imagine if we could see the past, the present and into the future. We would be able to see what lies ahead, how our decisions would impact our lives, others’ lives and even the world. Imagine the mistakes we’d avoid if we could see it all.

The fact is we will never be able to see it all, or see life from God’s perspective. He sees it all, He already knows what the rest of your day will be like. He knows what news you’ll receive, good or bad, in the months and years to come. That truth leads us to a simple truth from God’s Word, “we walk by faith and not by sight”.

Living by faith is not easy. It’s not what we prefer however living by faith draws us closer to the Father. Living by faith allows us to rest secure in knowing our Father is at work in our lives. Living by faith allows us to know Him so much better. I challenge you today to live as God’s Word says, “by faith”.

I hope you were in worship yesterday. Just like last week, we welcomed a Worship Pastor candidate. Some of you sent me feedback last week so if you’d like to do so today all you have to do is reply to this email. I so appreciate your prayers during this process and I cannot thank our Search Team enough for all the hard work, the countless hours and prayer they have invested in this process.

I also wanted to let you know that we will be selling advance tickets for the movie Extraordinary. It will only be in our theaters one night and they are selling out numerous venues fast so I strongly encourage you to get your tickets now. We’ll be selling tickets at church this Sunday, August 13. The theatre cost is $11 per ticket.

Impacting tomorrow today,

Pastor Carl